Q•wrx Video

Get to Know Q•wrx! Learn How Our Packaged IT Services Can Help You in This New Video

Customers of Dynamic Computer Corporation count on their custom Q•wrxSM packages to manage IT risk and ensure IT compliance. The Q stands for quality – and through our Q•wrx service, customers entrust us with the IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes needed to support their IT regulatory and quality demands.

Yet the Q•wrx concept can take some explaining to those who are new to it. One place to look is our Q•wrx wheel of compliance; click to enlarge it for easier reading. See also our case study on audit-proofing the IT supply chain through strategic use of Q•wrx.

q-wrx-logo300q-wrx-dartboard-icons-medBut what if you’re just now taking in the Q•wrx concept? Or maybe you’re presenting it to others for the first time? You and your team may prefer to see and hear the fundamental Q•wrx value proposition – clearly and succinctly – before digging into reading materials for the details.

In this spirit we’ve created our new Q•wrx introductory video. It’s only two-and-a-half minutes long, yet it offers a wealth of information on how Q•wrx can work to help you:

That’s a lot of M words! But alliteration aside, these Q•wrx benefits have real meaning in today’s increasingly challenging IT world. Your needs for IT quality keep mounting. Your regulatory requirements aren’t letting up. You can look to Q•wrx for help.

Here are the next steps we recommend:

  1. Watch the Q•wrx video.
  2. Learn more about Q•wrx here. Then …
  3. If you’d like to explore Q•wrx further, please get in touch. Call Adnan Shaben, Dynamic’s Vice President of Federal Sales, at 248-615-1425. Or email Adnan can share insights from proven Q•wrx successes.