Q-wrxSM Advantage

Five More Ways to Get Deployment-ready IT with Ensured Compliance

Q-wrxSM is Dynamic Computer Corporation’s proprietary package of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes. Customers use Q-wrxSM to help manage risk and optimize quality in the IT supply chain. Q-wrxSM is especially important to our customers in regulated environments, such as medical device manufacturing and U.S. federal and defense contracting, where stringent IT compliance standards must be met.

You’ll get the big picture on Q-wrxSM when you click on the wheel of compliance. And you’ll take in a helpful Q-wrxSM overview when you launch the brief  Q-wrxSM video.

q-wrx-dartboard-icons-smHere, in this blog post, we’ll focus on five specific elements of the Q-wrxSM solution. These are some of the finely detailed and fully customizable services that are centrally important to our customers who rely on Q-wrxSM for deployment-ready IT:

1 – Technical Services

Dynamic’s Q-wrxSM technical services group delivers consistently reliable and tested IT configuration and imaging services. This work is performed cost-efficiently and in a timely manner. Our people work closely with the customer to design, test, and validate the customer’s Q-wrxSM solution. When the system has been designed, specified, and approved, Dynamic takes over the responsibility for the solution’s flawless delivery.

2 – Audit-proof Documentation

q-wrx-logo300Dynamic provides detailed documentation of all Q-wrxSM managed systems. This ranges from complete asset information to work instructions and process documentation. We maintain records as long as customers need them or regulators require them. Customers are thus “audit-proof.” (See this real-world case study on audit-proofing the IT supply chain.)

3 – Lifecycle Management

With Q-wrxSM, Dynamic closely tracks IT vendors’ inventory against product roadmaps. This enables us to provide proactive lifecycle management. Let’s consider the example of a medical device that depends on the use of particular pieces of integrated IT. When we’re informed that one or another of these parts will no longer be available, we notify the customer of the opportunity for a strategic last-time buy. From our experience, this may even double the lifecycle of the device. And it can eliminate the nightmare of being unable to ship the product until next-generation systems are available.

4 – Zero Out-of-the-box Failures

When a customer’s order arrives at Dynamic, we inspect every product in our secure facility. If there’s a problem, we resolve it with the OEM before forwarding the product on to the customer. Our goal, at all times, is zero out-of-the-box failures on the customer’s end. Dynamic’s demonstrated success in this area is reflected in our historical record of 98%+ repeat business.

5 – All Logistical Details

After staging each system, Dynamic performs all kitting, tagging, labeling, shipping (domestic and international), tracking, storage, and warehousing tasks as required and specified by the customer. The CIO for a Fortune 500 health insurance and information systems company has told us that, with Q-wrxSM, they have “cut the time necessary for some set-up and maintenance tasks from two or three months to two or three days.”

These are just a few key pieces of the full Q-wrxSM picture. Want to know more? Please get in touch. Call Adnan Shaben, Dynamic’s Vice President of Federal Sales, at 248-615-6425. Or email Adnan at He can help fit the innovative Q-wrxSM solution to your customized needs.