Medical Devices (unused)

Dynamic provides Deployment Ready IT to medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers. Our Q-wrxSM package of services builds upon our ISO 13485:2003-registered quality management system. This registration means that our people, processes, and products meet and exceed the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. We’re also ISO 9001:2008-registered.

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Value-Added IT Reseller

Since 1997, Dynamic has provided IT solutions to major medical device manufacturers. With over 500 leading technology partners, we help you acquire the IT hardware and software that best meet your project needs. Importantly, we acquire products only through OEM-authorized channels to ensure their authenticity and security.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

We know that medical device manufacturers are challenged with keeping the long, highly regulated lifecycle of their business-critical imaging or diagnostics product aligned with the fast-changing hardware and software at the product’s core. As an expert in lifecycle management, Dynamic helps you meet this challenge so you can seamlessly continue your project through product lifecycles.

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Our Deployment Ready IT solutions are designed to help ensure your compliance with federal requirements, including HIPAA standards and the FDA’s requirements for Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CMGPs) in medical devices. Dynamic captures, manages, labels, and stores your detailed IT asset information so you can quickly and easily access documents required for audits.