Risk Assessment Questions for Federal IT

It’s a perilous world in information systems today. Threats can arise from cradle to grave in the IT life cycle. Critical systems can be compromised internally – within firmware and software – or during the logistical processes of IT configuration, deployment, and maintenance. Threats can be maliciously intentional, as with attacks from malware – or result from neglect, as with the lack of transparency and control.

Yet as serious as these risks are, federal users can significantly mitigate them through smart use of a Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) model in the IT supply chain.

Effective SCRM is precisely what Dynamic’s Q-wrxSM solution is designed to help federal contracting officers and procurement officers achieve. Q-wrx is built upon Dynamic’s ISO-certified quality management system. For each Q-wrx customer, we provide a package of proprietary IT configuration and asset management processes, customized to the organization’s security regulations and quality standards.

Answer the questions below to help you assess your own SCRM effectiveness – and whether you may need the help of a custom set of specialized SCRM processes, like Q-wrx.

1. Acquisition

3. Technical Services

4. Audit Proofing

6. Logistics

7. Disposal

8. Life Cycle Management

Strict adherence to these practices helps ensure that our customers in U.S. government (and other regulated environments; see this whitepaper) receive the IT products expected, operating in precisely the ways intended.