Deployment-Ready IT

When Regulatory Compliance Is Critical, the Need for Quality IT Processes Grows

In the nearly 40 years since our founding, Dynamic Computer Corporation has thrived by seeing opportunities to serve customers when their IT needs are especially challenging. Our promise to our customers is to help take the worry and stress out of IT management. As we like to say: “Give us your IT headaches. We’ll give you IT solutions.”

Today, Dynamic’s problem-solving value to our customers is only growing. Two decades ago, we began focusing on serving customers who have particularly demanding and ever more exacting requirements to meet rigorous regulatory compliance standards. This includes medical device manufacturers and U.S. federal and defense contractors.

Dynamic welcomed the challenge to meet and exceed the ISO 9001:2008 standards for overall quality management. We earned that certification in 2009. Then, in 2014, we qualified for ISO 13485:2008 certification. This is a particularly stringent registration specifically for quality management processes in the medical device industry.

Process-Driven Quality

Our customers – new customers, especially – often ask, “What distinguishes Dynamic from other IT solution providers?” The answer is found in our processes. We stand out less by what we do than by the thoroughness, precision, and efficiency by which we do it.

Here’s another way of putting it. In our closest customer relationships, exactly how we help the customer meet their IT needs is at least as important as exactly what we offer them in the way of industry-leading IT hardware and software products.

q-wrx-logo300Dynamic’s process-driven approach to quality is encapsulated in our Q-wrxSM package of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics services. Q-wrxSM enables our customers to manage their IT from end to end of the product lifecycle. This helps keep them steadily ahead of the curve as computing technology continues to evolve.

One of our most forward-looking and insightful customers recently captured the Q-wrxSM advantage quite succinctly. “Q-wrxSM,” he said, “is deployment-ready IT.”

To Learn More …

Click on the Q-wrxSM wheel of compliance. Then launch the Q-wrxSM video.


See also this case study on audit-proofing the IT supply chain with Q-wrx.

In upcoming blog posts, we’ll address specific features, benefits, and applications of the Q-wrxSM solution. Watch for posts on IT supply chain risk management, IT lifecycle management, documentation control, quality assurance, and more.

In the meantime, if you have immediate questions about Q-wrxSM, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call Adnan Shaben, Dynamic’s Vice President of Federal Sales, at 248-615-6425. Or email Adnan at Adnan can share insights from our experiences in delivering and supporting complete Q-wrxSM solutions to customers.