Commanding the IT Lifecycle

Why Commanding the IT Lifecycle Is So Crucial to Your Medical Device’s Success

The manufacturer of a medical device for diagnostics is often challenged to synchronize the product’s lifecycle with the device’s integrated IT. The reason is fairly simple: A medical device will typically have a much longer lifecycle than most other product categories. This is largely due to the stringent regulations governing the medical device market. On the other hand, a leading IT product will commonly reach its end of life – and yield to new improved versions – much faster than other kinds of products. (more…)

Free IT Lifecycle Roadmap

Free IT Lifecycle Roadmap Helps You Plan Your Medical Device’s Future

Key hardware and software products, commonly used in diagnostic medical devices, will soon reach their end of life. The OEMs will stop supporting these IT components. What impact could this have on your devices? To help you prepare, Dynamic Computer Corporation has created The Medical Device Manufacturer’s 2015 IT Lifecycle Management Roadmap. (more…)

Top-grade IT for Medical Devices

Need Top-grade IT for Your Medical Devices? Dynamic Is Now ISO 13485 Certified

When you purchase your medical device’s IT through Dynamic Computer Corporation, you have certified assurance of quality. Dynamic earned ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2009, and we were renewed to the same standards in 2012. Then, late last year, Dynamic was certified to meet ISO 13485 requirements. This specifically recognizes us – our products, processes, and people – as a quality supplier for medical device manufacturing. (more…)