4 Ways to Ensure IT Supply Chain Quality

Enterprise IT

In the nearly 40 years Dynamic has served customers, we’ve seen that enterprise IT purchasers – no matter whether they’re from commercial, government, or nonprofit organizations – have four main concerns about the IT supply chain. We like to call them the four C’s: confidence, compliance, convenience, and cost control. Confidence Like all purchasers, those Read More

10 Common Problems and Solutions in IT Lifecycle Management for Medical Devices

Medical Device Manufacturers

How can a medical device manufacturer keep the long, highly regulated lifecycle of their human diagnostics or digital imaging product aligned with the fast-changing hardware and software at the product’s core? Finding the right IT supplier who is an expert in lifecycle management, is key. These problem-solution scenarios illustrate how the device maker and IT supplier Read More

NASA’s SEWP V Names Dynamic Computer Corporation as Prime Contractor

Federal Government

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been selected as a Prime Contractor to U.S. federal and defense agencies under SEWP V, the government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Dynamic is the only Michigan company named to the SEWP V contract. SEWP stands for Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement. As with the Read More

Integrated IT Case Study: “Communications Are Key”

Medical Device Manufacturers

Need proof of the value of effective IT lifecycle management for medical devices? Consider this recent real-world example. It is the story of how a leading U.S. medical device manufacturer had to swiftly scramble when the life spans of one of their most important products and its integrated IT were suddenly thrown out of sync. Read More

Lifecycle Management for Medical Device Workstations

Medical Device Manufacturers

A medical device for human diagnostics or digital imaging will typically use a high-end workstation, rather than a standard desktop or laptop computer, for processing, storing, and displaying data. This is because of the heavy-duty graphics capabilities required. The medical device’s usage will likely demand a workstation equipped with a high-horsepower Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Read More

Problems and Solutions in IT Lifecycle Management for Medical Devices

Medical Device Manufacturers

Inevitably, the manufacturer of a medical device for human digital imaging or diagnostics will face the challenge of coordinating their device’s overall product lifecycle with the useful lives of the device’s integrated hardware and software components. The complete medical machine or device may go essentially unchanged for a decade or more. This is largely due Read More