SEWP V Prime Contractor

NASA’s SEWP V Names Dynamic Computer Corporation as Prime Contractor

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been selected as a Prime Contractor to U.S. federal and defense agencies under SEWP V, the government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Dynamic is the only Michigan company named to the SEWP V contract.

SEWP stands for Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement. As with the four previous NASA-managed SEWP contracts, SEWP V was authorized by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB). SEWP V helps federal contracting officers and defense procurement officers simplify and speed the acquisition of information technology products and services required for their agencies’ programs. (more…)

IT Supply Chain Quality

Integrated IT Case Study: “Communications Are Key”

Need proof of the value of effective IT lifecycle management for medical devices? Consider this recent real-world example. It is the story of how a leading U.S. medical device manufacturer had to swiftly scramble when the life spans of one of their most important products and its integrated IT were suddenly thrown out of sync.

No Easy Way Out

The problem occurred in 2012. The device manufacturer learned, without advance warning from their IT supplier at the time, that the power supply driving one of their flagship products for pathology labs was soon to reach its end of life. Worse, the replacement power supply, as it turned out, was incompatible with the overall device. (more…)

Workstations in Medical Devices

When Medical Devices Require Workstations, Lifecycle Management Grows in Need

A medical device for human diagnostics or digital imaging will typically use a high-end workstation, rather than a standard desktop or laptop computer, for processing, storing, and displaying data. This is because of the heavy-duty graphics capabilities required.

The medical device’s usage will likely demand a workstation equipped with a high-horsepower Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and a kicked-up graphics card. High memory capacity may also be needed. And whether the workstation has a desktop, laptop, or notebook profile, its display should be larger and higher in resolution than usual. All of this adds to the complexity of product lifecycle management. (more…)

The Lifecycle Disconnect

Problems and Solutions in IT Lifecycle Management for Medical Devices

Inevitably, the manufacturer of a medical device for human digital imaging or diagnostics will face the challenge of coordinating their device’s overall product lifecycle with the useful lives of the device’s integrated hardware and software components.

The complete medical machine or device may go essentially unchanged for a decade or more. This is largely due to regulations. A widely used medical device’s life will come to a close only after the long process of FDA approval has yielded a proven replacement. (more…)

Optimizing Your IT Inventory

Optimizing Your IT Inventory: How Not to Have Too Little or Too Much Tech

Ah, the dream of “just in time” inventory – having just the right pieces and parts on hand, just when you need them for production.

The JIT strategy doesn’t only apply to your product’s mechanical and electronic components. It should also work for your device’s integrated IT. You can optimize the return on your hardware and software investments by keeping IT inventories to the minimum amounts required at any given time in your device’s production cycle.

Entrusting your technology purchases to a quality supplier like Dynamic Computer Corporation can be key to successful JIT. (more…)

Single-Source IT Solutions

How a Single IT Source Can Help You Reduce Risk in Medical Device Management

Medical device companies may be more concerned with supply chain quality than any other manufacturers. And for good reason. Just one weak link in your supply chain can bring unacceptable risks to your product’s required high standards of performance.

Nowhere is this urgency felt more than in a diagnostic medical device’s integrated IT. Your IT supplier must be fully accountable for the quality of the technology they bring to the device. They must be able to reproduce that quality – order after order. And at all times, your IT supplier must be able to help you strictly adhere to FDA requirements. (more…)