Quality IT Processes Matter

Federal Government, Medical Device Manufacturers

In the nearly 40 years since our founding, Dynamic has thrived by seeing opportunities to serve customers with challenging IT needs. Our promise to our customers is to help take the worry and stress out of IT management. Two decades ago, we began focusing on serving customers who have ever more exacting requirements to meet Read More

Get to Know Q-wrx

Enterprise IT, Federal Government, Medical Device Manufacturers

Your needs for IT quality keep mounting. Your regulatory requirements aren’t letting up. You can look to Q-wrx for help. Our customers count on their custom Q-wrxSM solution to minimize risk and ensure IT compliance. Our customers entrust us with the IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes needed to support their IT needs.

How We Audit Proof the IT Supply Chain

Federal Government, Medical Device Manufacturers

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been a value-added IT reseller to U.S. federal and defense agencies for nearly two decades. We’ve also served leading medical device manufacturers, providing integrated hardware and software for their complex devices, for a few years more than that. What’s most common about these two categories of Dynamic customers is that they Read More

Risk Assessment Questions for Federal IT

Federal Government

It’s a perilous world in information systems today. Threats can arise from cradle to grave in the IT life cycle. Critical systems can be compromised internally – within firmware and software – or during the logistical processes of IT configuration, deployment, and maintenance. Threats can be maliciously intentional, as with attacks from malware – or Read More

Q-wrx In Action

Medical Device Manufacturers

Q-wrx helps our customers comply with IT regulatory and quality demands. One of our Q-wrx customer is the CIO for the government contracting arm of a FORTUNE 50 health insurance and information systems company. In recent years he has seen his division’s responsibilities steadily grow. Then came the Affordable Care Act – and even greater Read More

Focus on Quality IT Processes

Enterprise IT, Federal Government, Medical Device Manufacturers

Q-wrx minimize risk, optimize quality and increase savings by providing the IT foundation for your organization — it’s an asset and lifecycle management solution that guarantees Deployment Ready IT. Deployment Ready IT means that the IT we provide is fully configured to meet our customers’ specifications and ready to use out-of-the-box.