All Logistical Details

Does Your IT Supplier Sweat the Details on Logistics?

Our workdays can be so intense. The demands keep increasing. Tasks and technology get only more complex. Organizations commonly assign more and more responsibilities to smaller and smaller teams. No one can rest on current productivity. The bar for what’s expected just keeps getting raised.

It’s not surprising, then, that so many organizations, in so many professional realms (industry, government, healthcare, education, nonprofit, and more), are electing to outsource their IT purchasing – some, much, most, or even all of it – to specialized suppliers. (more…)

Managing a Medical Device’s IT

Free White Paper Tells Why IT Lifecycle Management Is So Critical for Medical Devices with Integrated IT

In an earlier post, we explored the lifecycle disconnect, and how it makes it hard for a medical device manufacturer to keep a product’s support in sync with its integrated IT. What’s the MDM’s answer to this all-too-common problem? In big part, it’s finding the right IT supplier, experienced in IT lifecycle management for medical devices. (more…)

Dynamic Earns CRN SP500 Ranking

Dynamic Earns Slot on 2015 CRN Solution Provider 500; Sales Rank Among North America’s Best

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been named to the 2015 CRN Solution Provider 500 by The Channel Company of Westborough, MA. The annual CRN SP500 list spans eight categories, from hardware and software sales to managed IT services. It recognizes the top revenue-generating technology integrators, managed service providers, and IT consultants in North America.

For this year’s CRN SP500 list, solution providers have been ranked on revenue from sales of products and services in 2014. Dynamic is number 451. (more…)

Dynamic’s First SEWP V Order

Dynamic’s First Order through NASA’s SEWP V Contract Is from U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR Pacific in San Diego

Dynamic Computer Corporation is pleased to report that we have received our first order through NASA’s SEWP V contract. It’s from the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center Pacific in San Diego, California. SSC Pacific ordered a load balancer to optimize web traffic.Dynamic officially became a SEWP V Prime Contractor on May 1 of this year. To receive a significant order so soon is an honor – and a tribute to the hard work of our terrific staff. Thanks, U.S. Navy!

Updated: June 16, 2015. Dynamic’s first SEWP V order, from the U.S. Navy, was quickly followed by more orders, from other federal agencies and departments. Our volume of RFQs has remained high, and the confirmed orders have accelerated. As of today, Dynamic has won nine orders through the NASA SEWP V contract. (more…)

Heed the Four C’s for IT Quality

To Ensure IT Supply Chain Quality, Aim for Confidence, Compliance, Convenience, and Cost Control

In the nearly 40 years Dynamic has served customers, we’ve seen that enterprise IT purchasers – no matter whether they’re from commercial, government, or nonprofit organizations – have four main concerns about the IT supply chain. As it happens, each of these concerns can be conveyed in a simple “C” word or two. They are:


Like all purchasers, those responsible for acquiring IT for their organizations want to feel sure they’re making a smart choice. They want to minimize risk in the supply chain. They look for proven products, and they look for IT suppliers who will test and validate the selected hardware and software, and handle all logistical details of the order. Dot every I, cross every T – that’s the level of attention that customers should expect and demand from their IT supplier. (more…)

Solutions for Integrated IT

10 Common Problems and Solutions in IT Lifecycle Management for Medical Devices

How can a medical device manufacturer keep the long, highly regulated lifecycle of their human diagnostics or digital imaging product aligned with the fast-changing hardware and software at the product’s core? Finding the right IT supplier, expert in lifecycle management, is key. These problem-solution scenarios illustrate how the device maker and IT supplier can work together effectively.

Problem 1

“Our current OEM doesn’t offer the exact specs required by our new device.”

Solution: The right supplier should be able to source IT from hundreds of leading OEMs and distributors. They can find the right replacement or add-on product – from the medical device manufacturer’s current provider or another one. (more…)