Q-wrxSM Advantage

Five More Ways to Get Deployment-ready IT with Ensured Compliance

Q-wrxSM is Dynamic Computer Corporation’s proprietary package of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes. Customers use Q-wrxSM to help manage risk and optimize quality in the IT supply chain. Q-wrxSM is especially important to our customers in regulated environments, such as medical device manufacturing and U.S. federal and defense contracting, where stringent IT compliance standards must be met.

You’ll get the big picture on Q-wrxSM when you click on the wheel of compliance. And you’ll take in a helpful Q-wrxSM overview when you launch the brief  Q-wrxSM video. (more…)

Strategic IT Sourcing

Single-sourcing IT Purchases Can Be Key to Managing Risk in the IT Supply Chain

Dynamic Computer Corporation created the Q-wrxSM package of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes with particular sets of customers in mind. We’ve primarily targeted the service to customers who need to meet rigorous federal compliance standards, with their ever more demanding requirements for IT quality management.

Consider medical device manufacturers. They must comply with strict FDA regulations for their devices’ integrated IT. Major MDMs are today relying on custom Q-wrxSM solutions to help manage IT lifecycles and mitigate supply chain risk.

U.S. federal and defense agencies, along with their contractors, are another top target for Q-wrxSM. The risks from poor IT supply chain performance are simply too great. Government IT contracting and procurement officers need the ensured quality, reproducibility, and accountability that Q-wrxSM is specifically designed to provide. (more…)

Deployment-Ready IT

When Regulatory Compliance Is Critical, the Need for Quality IT Processes Grows

In the nearly 40 years since our founding, Dynamic Computer Corporation has thrived by seeing opportunities to serve customers when their IT needs are especially challenging. Our promise to our customers is to help take the worry and stress out of IT management. As we like to say: “Give us your IT headaches. We’ll give you IT solutions.”

Today, Dynamic’s problem-solving value to our customers is only growing. Two decades ago, we began focusing on serving customers who have particularly demanding and ever more exacting requirements to meet rigorous regulatory compliance standards. This includes medical device manufacturers and U.S. federal and defense contractors. (more…)

Q•wrx Video

Get to Know Q•wrx! Learn How Our Packaged IT Services Can Help You in This New Video

Customers of Dynamic Computer Corporation count on their custom Q•wrxSM packages to manage IT risk and ensure IT compliance. The Q stands for quality – and through our Q•wrx service, customers entrust us with the IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes needed to support their IT regulatory and quality demands.

Yet the Q•wrx concept can take some explaining to those who are new to it. One place to look is our Q•wrx wheel of compliance; click to enlarge it for easier reading. See also our case study on audit-proofing the IT supply chain through strategic use of Q•wrx. (more…)

Quality as a Service

The Big Idea Behind Q-wrx? Quality as a Service! Our Customers Have Told Us So

It has been nearly six months since Dynamic Computer Corporation formally introduced Q-wrxSM, our comprehensive suite of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes for regulated environments. Since then, our customers have enthusiastically embraced the Q-wrx services. They see how their custom Q-wrx package builds upon our ISO-certified quality management system to help them meet their specified and mandated IT controls. Q-wrx, in short, is IT compliance ensured.

Yet customers have their own special ways to describe the mission-critical value we provide to them through Q-wrx. It’s great when they do, because then we know, in the real world (not just in a brochure, a web page, or a sales presentation), how customers are absorbing the Q-wrx value proposition and using it to overcome their challenges. (more…)

Be IT “Audit Proof”

How Quality Configuration and Asset Management Processes Help “Audit-Proof” the IT Supply Chain

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been a value-added IT reseller to U.S. federal and defense agencies for nearly two decades. We’ve also served leading medical device manufacturers, providing integrated hardware and software for their complex devices, for a few years more than that. What’s most common about these two major categories of Dynamic customers is that they both do business in regulated markets. Thus, over the years, we’ve gained extensive experience in delivering mission-critical and program-critical IT to customers who urgently need it to meet all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Some of our regulated customers have used a strikingly simple and direct term to convey this big idea. They say they’re aiming, in essence, to “audit-proof” their IT supply chain. (more…)